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Nbsp feeds

Real-time data feeds to Nbsp slaves are available from the Nbsp master servers. Only 1.nbsp, 3.nbsp and w.nbsp are enabled regularly. External mirrors can be listed here if we are notified. (The rates below are rough approximations. 1 Mbps is approximately equivalent to 450 MB/hour, or 320 GB/month.) (text - 3.5 MB/min - 0.5 Mbps) (level2 - 140 MB/min - 18 Mbps) (level3 - 30 MB/min - 4 Mpbs) (level3 - sites [a-h] - 2 Mbps) (level3 - sites [i-z] - 2 Mbps) (sat-gini - 200 MB/hour - peak 1.5 Mbps) (weatherwire) - 150-200 KB/min) (mirror text, rad , sat)
Setup instructions are available in Or simply

The VPS can now serve data by http on port 8015 or by nbsp (nbs1) protocol on port 2210.

Weatherwire feeds

To receive and send weatherwire from or install these instead, in the same way

and install one of these packages. The VPS can now serve weatherwire by http on port 8015 or by nbsp (nbs1) protocol on port 2210.

Http feeds

For DA, GRlevelx, and similar programs, try for example

NNTP feeds

Text files are available by NNTP feeds from
which can be retrieved with any News reader such as the one included with browsers (Thunderbird), or NNTP readers like tin or Xpn (Linux and FreeBSD), Quadsucker (Windows), and Groundhog Newsreader (Android).

The group names in each case are

where kkkk is the station name; for example tjsj for the San Juan station. In the client applications mentioned above, you can usually search for all the available groups for a given station by entering a wildcard such as
in the search for groups options of those applications.

If you set up your own Nbsp server, either as a master (i.e., you have a dish) or as a slave, we can set up an alias in iNoaaport.Net to point to your server and list it here. Send an email to nieves @

Check the cousin project iEmwin.